Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Baker's Wife - Erin Healy


This is an excellent book.  Don't let the name fool you; The Baker's Wife is not the story of a happy cook in an idyllic hometown.  This story is about pain, forgiveness and fear.  It will take you to the edge of your seat in suspense and make you ask deep questions about your faith.  The entire read was dramatic and thought provoking, leading you down a twisted path of betrayal and lies.  The kicker is that this all takes place within the Christian community, within in the Church.  It's enough to make you rethink almost everything you thought you knew about forgiveness and loving others.

Audrey is the baker's wife, but she used to be the pastor's wife.  The church board decides to fire her husband when their son is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a deacon's daughter.  As the allegations and lies continue to unfold, Audrey mysteriously runs into a scooter on a foggy morning.  There is a lot of blood, but no body.  The scooter belongs to Julie, the head deacon's wife.  As you can imagine, the blame is heaped onto Audrey and her family.  This leads the deacon, the ex-pastor and the baker's wife into a tension filled race to discover what has happened to Julie.  The web of deceit threatens to entangle them and the spiritual journey they take as their world begins to unravel is a thrilling, wild ride.

This is Christian suspense writing at its best.  Despite not having a huge affinity for the murder mystery genre, I loved every minute of this story, from the way the weather foreshadowed the plot to the deep spiritual questions author Erin Healy asked of her characters.  I really had no idea what was coming next, flipping each page with anticipation of learning the truth, and not finding a moment's rest until I did. Not often does a piece of fiction grab hold and teach me lessons about my own personal walk with Christ.  The Baker's Wife encouraged me to address some long, unanswered questions.  I have discovered a wonderful new author and I hope you do too!

Disclosure of Material: I received this book free from the publisher via Book Sneeze. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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